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Sunday, 3 June 2007

Railway bridge arch

Reflecting on a door

Where did I leave the key?

Chewy suggests - “ Everytime the 5:15 passes overhead we pray the windows won’t shatter”

David McMahon has submitted a number of captions, but in my opinion this is the cleverest to date - “Can you hear the drums, fer Nando’s?”.


Anonymous said...

Everytime the 5:15 passes overhead we pray the windows won't shatter.

YesBut said...

Chewy - another cracking joke!

Anonymous said...

YesBut... FYI

You left a comment at my blog which does NOT have a link back to your blog. If you want people to come to your blog via the comments you leave, you need to fix the link back. okie dokie?

YesBut said...

Thanks chewy
Problem fixed

david mcmahon said...

Can you hear the drums, fer Nando's?

Anonymous said...

YesBut - I'm happy I was of help. The link is now working.

YesBut said...

David this is your best to date.

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