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Friday, 8 June 2007


Watch the birdie.

Chewy suggestion - “Looks like everyone’s on vacation except YesBut and me”

David McMahon suggests - “Taxi driver, here’s a feather in your cab”


“Don’t ya dare flip the bird, young man”


“Elmo (left) and Snuffle (right) with Ernie and, er, Bird”.

Doug’s caption - “You’re pointing the camera the wrong way Bill. The collapsing building is the other way”

Helena thinks the pigeon is saying - “I’m going right . . for . . that . . hat.”


Anonymous said...

Looks like everyone's on vacation except yesbut and me.

YesBut said...

Hi Chewy - Being 5 hours in advance, YesBut has also skived off for the weekend, leaving me the cleaning lady in charge.

Anonymous said...

Hey, um... cleaning lady? Nice job filling in... but, ah... it should be "v a c a t i o n"

YesBut said...

Sorry Chewy - but you try typing and cleaning up the mess YesBut makes, dribbling old fool, if it wasn’t for me he wouldn’t even know how to switch on a computer. It’s my vocation to run the web site while he swans off on vacation

david mcmahon said...

G'day cleaning lady,

Is this a coup? Is YesBut on his way to a retirement home?

If the answers are yes and yes, respectively, please keep this site going!


david mcmahon said...

a) Taxi driver, here's a feather in your cab

b) Don't ya dare flip the bird at me, young man

c) Elmo (left) and Snuffie (right) with for Ernie and, er, Bird

YesBut said...

Hi Davis
YesBut is alive and well,despite rumours spread by Mrs Mop.

YesBut said...

Three great captions, it looks like only Chewy and you are bothered to post.

But as i have said before quality not quantity.

Doug said...

You're pointing the camera the wrong way Bill. The collasing building is the other way.

Helena said...

Pigeon: "I'm going right..for..that..hat."

YesBut said...

Hi Doug that collapsing building is City Hall known as the “Car headlight”

YesBut said...

Hi Helena - Does b.t need a new cap?

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