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Sunday, 22 July 2007

Empty me if you can can

Every picture tells a story
YesBut’s Images - a load of rubbish.

Catmoves 's suggested caption -

"Dang it Henry, we've gotta empty this more than once a month."

Doug's caption -

"The Courtney Love bistro opened today: Le Pail."

david mcmahon 's suggestions

"Can-do attitude."


"More space junk from NASA"


"Beyond the pail"


Catmoves said...

Dang it Henry, we've gotta empty this more than once a month.

Doug said...

The Courtney Love bistro opened today: Le Pail.

YesBut said...

Good morning Catmoves & Doug

The photo is of a fine example of British design!

A team of designers (I use the term loosely) was employed to upgrade Upper Ground and transform it into an iconic thoroughfare, (these days everything has to be iconic). They designed stainless steel “street furniture”. For the first month after installing the litter bins, thay couldn’t empty them because they had forgotten to order keys! They no longer have that problem because vandals have ripped off the doors.

They also installed stainless steel bollards along the side of the pavements (sidewalks). These have been a tremendous success with lorry drivers who use them as skittles to be knocked over.

The trouble with designs are - they look great on the drawing board, (or now CAD), but in practice - disaster.

david mcmahon said...

1. Can-do attitude.

2. More space junk from NASA

david mcmahon said...

Beyond the pail

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