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Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Thames at sunset.

You look so peaceful.
Amongst the noise and smell of evening commuter traffic.
(See comment for an explanation)

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YesBut said...

The photograph looks more a product of Photoshop than a camera. But hand on heart, it is untouched, the camera recorded the scene accurately.

I was standing under the trees on the River Thames North Bank Embankment just downstream from Waterloo Bridge. It had been a wet grey London Monday, but behind me the sun was going down leaving in its wake a scarlet sky, which was reflected in the windows of the office blocks in the east.

Central London commuter traffic was grinding its way noisily along the embankment spewing exhaust fumes.

Blackfriars Bridge spans the Thames. In the centre of the picture, in the far distance you can see the towers of Canary Wharf - the new hub of commercial and banking activity. On the right,the office block glowing in the sun is adjacent to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. Just up stream, and sticking up like a phallic symbol of the arts, is the stack of Tate Modern. Further up stream the OXO Tower can be identified.

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