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Thursday, 26 April 2007

Potters Field - a world class park!!!

They said it would be a “World class park”
They must have been joking
It cost £3 million
I’ve lost my sense of humour.


B.T.Bear Esq. said...

This is terrible! But spookily like I predicted in the earlier post. LOL!

£3 mil??????? Good grief.

It's just grass and concrete, for crying out loud. There is FAR more design in our garden.

World class? Never.

See the gardens in Warsaw. NOTHING compares.

This park should have been filled with beds of drought-resistant plants, to show people what can be done even when water is scarce. Another month of this weather and these vast expanses of green will be brown. THat's nice if you're a Bear, but not nice if you paid towards the £3 million.


And there are no big bushes for a bear to poo behind either....


YesBut said...

I agree with every word.
Designers never consider the practicalities. No consideration of droughts people trampling on the grass. As you say by July it will be a patch of dust with pigeon droppings staining the granite blocks

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